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WordPress 3.0 is out, so...

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  • Started 9 years ago by edelen
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  1. So Automattic just launched WordPress 3.0.

    I'm new to Thematic (less than a month into my theme update) and I'm using a slight mod of the Sophia child theme.

    There's been much talk about the big changes in WordPress 3.0 and how those will break many older themes. If we update to 3.0, will anything in Thematic break? When can we expect to see an update to Thematic that accounts for changes in WP 3?

    Thank you to all the Thematic developers who give their time to the theme. I spent more than a year looking at suitable themes before finally settling on Thematic. I hope the partnership I have with Thematic lasts as long as it did with my mod of Regulus.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  2. Hi edelen,

    Thematic is compatible with WP 3.0 as a single-site installation. Thematic is being reviewed with the final release of WP 3.0 and will be released soon providing support for the new nav menu function, multi-site support and many new features ;)


    Posted 9 years ago #
  3. Thanks, Gene! Any ETA on

    Posted 9 years ago #
  4. Soon but not rushed :)

    Posted 9 years ago #
  5. Isn't trunk fairly stable? I've been running it for a while, and it works well enough for me :)

    Posted 9 years ago #
  6. Bluefinger

    I've managed to incorporate the new functionality without problem. All it took was going into the library folder -> extensions folder -> header-extensions.php file, and looking in there to find where the menu was being specified.

    Go to line 402, and you should encounter this in the thematic_access() function:

    <?php wp_page_menu('sort_column=menu_order'); ?>

    Replace that with this:

    <?php wp_nav_menu( array( 'menu_class' => 'sf-menu', 'container_class' => 'menu', 'fallback_cb' => 'wp_page_menu("sort_column=menu_order")' )); ?>

    On an unmodified Thematic theme, the new menu appeared positioned and styled as a normal page menu would appear. So, any heavy modifications have been done to the CSS theme, not so sure whether the result would be the same. Try at your own risk, so BACKUP!

    The DIY method, basically. Only use if you actually have a navigation menu going. Further testing yields unusual results when putting this code in and trying to still use a normal page menu.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  7. Bluefinger


    You'll need to add this to your functions.php:

    add_action( 'init', 'register_my_menu' );
    function register_my_menu() {
    	register_nav_menu( 'primary-menu', __( 'Primary Menu' ) );

    And then, you can do something like this in your header_extensions.php file at line 402, 403:

    <?php if ( has_nav_menu('primary-menu') )
        wp_nav_menu( array( 'menu_class' => 'sf-menu', 'container_class' => 'menu', 'fallback_cb' => '' ));
        wp_page_menu('sort_column=menu_order'); ?>

    This fixes any problems you might have if you want your theme to have at least one navigation menu, but with the option to have an ordinary page menu as a fallback (without issues).

    Posted 9 years ago #
  8. i am running thematic and a child theme on a local version of wp3. using the new menu feature and everything. havent run into any issues w/ thematic yet.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  9. @ peterhol & helga Thanks for the input :) I've been running trunk on a couple projects for 6+ months with hardly an issue. I feel it's really solid as well but I wouldn't recommend it's use to anyone in a critical production environment. I have seen the svn bite back before.

    @Bluefinger There's no need to edit Thematic's core when there are filters provided for most every function in there. will provide support the new nav function without breaking support for child themes that are using the old method

    Posted 9 years ago #
  10. Bluefinger

    @em hr

    Yeah, I've just moved everything into the functions.php anyway. Just, I tend to look right through the core to try to figure things out, so I end up making tweaks here and there to see the end results.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  11. WP 3.0 + Thematic + custom child theme and no problems so far :-)

    Posted 9 years ago #
  12. John

    Thanks Bluefinger! Just what I was looking for.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  13. Bluefinger

    Another update. Basically, just for custom child theme and no faffing about in the core files. Chuck this into the functions.php file and all should be good:

    add_action( 'init', 'register_my_menu' );
    function register_my_menu() {
    register_nav_menu( 'primary-menu', __( 'Primary Menu' ) );
    function remove_thematic_actions() {
    function thematic_navaccess() { ?>
    <div id="access">
    <div class="skip-link">
    <a href="#content" title="<?php _e('Skip navigation to the content', 'thematic'); ?>">
    <?php _e('Skip to content', 'thematic'); ?></a></div>
    <?php if ( has_nav_menu('primary-menu') )
    wp_nav_menu( array( 'menu_class' => 'sf-menu', 'container_class' => 'menu', 'fallback_cb' => '' ));
    else wp_page_menu('sort_column=menu_order'); ?>
    </div><!-- #access -->
    <?php }
    add_action('thematic_header', 'thematic_navaccess',9);
    Posted 9 years ago #
  14. Bluefinger-

    Thanks for the update. When helping in the forums, its best to discourage any editing of the parent framework. Your help & contributions are very welcome :)


    Posted 9 years ago #
  15. thanks, Bluefinger, that works beautifully :)

    Posted 9 years ago #
  16. Hi,

    I created the new package for Thematic 0.9.7 and sent it over to Ian, who will forward it to

    At this point I want to thank all of the contributors and especially Gene for his awesome job creating all the override functions and extending the body class.

    There are too many changes and additions to keep it as version

    <h2>What's new in Thematic 0.9.7</h2>

    • Added:
    • Added new function: thematic_init_presetwidgets() to initialize the preset widgets. Override function: childtheme_override_init_presetwidgets()
    • Added new function: thematic_content_init() to set up new post classes.
    • Added override functionality:
      • childtheme_override_content_init() overrides thematic_content_init
    • Added new post classes: is-full is-excerpt custom-excerpt auto-excerpt wp-teaser has-more wp-more has-teaser
    • Added new filter thematic_get_excerpt to thematic_content()
    • Added filter to customize the length ofthematic_search_form() in widgets-extensions.php. Credits: Aaron Jorbin
    • Added override functionality:
      • childtheme_override_doctitle() overrides thematic_doctitle
      • childtheme_override_head_scripts() overrides thematic_head_scripts
      • childtheme_override_brandingopen() overrides thematic_brandingopen
      • childtheme_override_blogtitle() overrides thematic_blogtitle
      • childtheme_override_blogdescription() overrides thematic_blogdescription
      • childtheme_override_brandingclose() overrides thematic_brandingclose
      • childtheme_override_access() overrides thematic_access
      • childtheme_override_subsidiaries() overrides thematic_subsidiaries
      • childtheme_override_siteinfoopen() overrides thematic_siteinfoopen()
      • childtheme_override_siteinfo() overrides thematic_siteinfo()
      • childtheme_override_siteinfoclose() overrides thematic_siteinfoclose()
    • New action hooks thematic_abovecomment and thematic_belowcomment Credits: heaven.
    • Added override functionality:
      • childtheme_override_commentmeta overrides thematic_commentmeta()
    • Added new filter thematic_commentmeta() to discussion.php. Credits: heaven
    • Added override functionality:
      • childtheme_override_body_class() overrides thematic_body_class()
      • childtheme_override_post_class() overrides thematic_post_class()
      • childtheme_override_comment_class() overrides thematic_archive_loop()
      • childtheme_override_author_loop() overrides thematic_comment_class()
      • childtheme_override_date_classes() overrides thematic_date_classes()
    • Added Finnish language files. Credits: Mikito Takada
    • Added new filter thematic_open_wrapper to the header.php. This filter defaults to true.
    • Added new filter thematic_close_wrapper to the footer.php. This filter defaults to true.
    • Added override functionality:
      • childtheme_override_page_title() overrides thematic_page_title()
      • childtheme_override_nav_above() overrides thematic_nav_above()
      • childtheme_override_archive_loop() overrides thematic_archive_loop()
      • childtheme_override_author_loop() overrides thematic_author_loop()
      • childtheme_override_category_loop() overrides thematic_category_loop()
      • childtheme_override_index_loop() overrides thematic_index_loop()
      • childtheme_override_single_post() overrides thematic_single_post()
      • childtheme_override_search_loop() overrides thematic_search_loop()
      • childtheme_override_tag_loop() overrides thematic_tag_loop()
      • childtheme_override_postheader() overrides thematic_postheader()
      • childtheme_override_postheader_posteditlink() overrides thematic_postheader_posteditlink()
      • childtheme_override_postheader_posttitle() overrides thematic_postheader_posttitle()
      • childtheme_override_postheader_postmeta() overrides thematic_postheader_postmeta()
      • childtheme_override_postmeta_authorlink() overrides thematic_postmeta_authorlink()
      • childtheme_override_postmeta_entrydate() overrides thematic_postmeta_entrydate()
      • childtheme_override_postmeta_editlink() overrides thematic_postmeta_editlink()
      • childtheme_override_content() overrides thematic_content()
      • childtheme_override_archivesopen() overrides thematic_archivesopen()
      • childtheme_override_category_archives() overrides thematic_category_archives()
      • childtheme_override_monthly_archives() overrides thematic_monthly_archives()
      • childtheme_override_archivesclose() overrides thematic_archivesclose()
      • childtheme_override_404_content() overrides thematic_404_content()
      • childtheme_override_postfooter() overrides thematic_postfooter()
      • childtheme_override_postfooter_posteditlink() overrides thematic_postfooter_posteditlink()
      • childtheme_override_postfooter_postcategory() overrides thematic_postfooter_postcategory()
      • childtheme_override_postfooter_posttags() overrides thematic_postfooter_posttags()
      • childtheme_override_postfooter_postcomments() overrides thematic_postfooter_postcomments()
      • childtheme_override_postfooter_postconnect() overrides thematic_postfooter_postconnect()
      • childtheme_override_nav_below() overrides thematic_nav_below()
      • childtheme_override_previous_post_link() overrides thematic_previous_post_link()
      • childtheme_override_next_post_link() overrides thematic_next_post_link()
      • childtheme_override_author_info_avatar() overrides thematic_author_info_avatar()
      • childtheme_override_cats_meow() overrides thematic_cats_meow()
      • childtheme_override_tag_ur_it() overrides thematic_tag_ur_it()
    • Support for wp_nav_menu().
    • New filter thematic_menu_type to switch between wp_page_menu() and wp_nav_menu(). Defaults to wp_page_menu().
    • New filter thematic_nav_menu_args to filter the arguments for wp_nav_menu().
    • New filter thematic_page_menu_args to filter the arguments for wp_page_menu().
    • New filter thematic_use_superfish to prevent the use of Superfish for the menu.
    • New filter thematic_show_bc_blogid to prevent the BODY class blogid-n.
    • New BODY class blogid-n.
    • New action hooks thematic_abovepost and thematic_belowpost.
    • New action hooks thematic_abovecontent and thematic_belowcontent.
    • Theme options support WordPress mu and WordPress 3.0 Multi-User option.
  17. Fixed:
    • The UL Class sf-menu will be created only for the wp_page_menu() in the header.
    • Changed #trackbacks-list .comment-content to left:-10000px; in default.css. Fixes a glitch with the 'Many Tackbacks' post (WordPress Test Data).
    • Changed $version to $thm_version to prevent a collision with WP E-Commerce.
    • Widget areas can now be moved based on a conditional tag.
    • Removed thematic_before_widget() and thematic_after_widget() from Search Widget
    • Upgraded the Thematic widgets to the new API. Thematic now requires WordPress 2.8.x or above.
  18. Updated:
    • Norwegian language files updated. Credits: peter.holme.
    • Norwegian language files updated. Credits: Thomas Misund.

    .. again .. thanks a lot for your help!


Posted 9 years ago #
  • johnsamwallace

    Any news on the release of Thematic 9.7? Should we start developing child themes based on 20/10?

    Posted 9 years ago #
  • Chris


    the Theme Review Team currently has 121 themes in the queue which need to be reviewed. Thematic is on position 44 or so.

    We could definitely need some help. If you are interested to become a member of the team, send an email to chris (at) thematic4you (dot) com, and you'll get a short explanation, where to register.



    Posted 9 years ago #
  • greenandi

    hi Chris,
    can give me some explanation about override functionality means ? does it change the way we use action and filter ?


    Posted 9 years ago #
  • helgatheviking

    @greenandi - the short of it is that w/ the override function you don't need to unhook a default function and then add in your own function.

    so instead of:

    function remove_stuff(){
    function new_stuff(){

    you'd just do:


    basically in places where the override exists, thematic now as an IF statement that says if the override function exists (following the naming convention of childtheme_override_FUNCTION_NAME ) then it will execute that and not the default function and in the absence of the override it will continue to execute the default function as before.

    it is quite brilliant and i love it already.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  • Jonny Janiero

    'Overide' is a brilliant addition

    Posted 9 years ago #
  • greenandi

    i c, that's great
    thanks helgatheviking

    Posted 9 years ago #

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