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Working with Both Admin and Pasted Widgets

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  • Started 10 years ago by soupking
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  1. soupking


    I have some widget options in the wp-admin that refer to page archives and categories. I also have widgets I pulled from various sources and pasted them in.

    How do people organize this kind of conflict? Like I'd like to put the wp-admin widgets at the bottom of the secondary, and the pasted custom widgets on top. However, I'm working into different environments and don't know how to go all one way or the other. If I could figure out what the code was for the wp-admin widgets, I'd just paste them into functions.php as well. However, I have no idea how to do that or where the code for that is.

    Thanks in advance for any support.

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  2. i don't follow you. could you try explaining again?

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  3. soupking

    There's widgets that have a GUI setup using the wp-admin.

    Then there's the widgets I install by folder.

    I'm building this site without PHP files cuz I am using a child theme.

    How the heck do I organize this? I've got an admin that won't let me see the code and a functions.php file that has nothing to do with it. So I guess you could say me question is how the heck do I organize the stuff?

    Thematic gives me the widgets: categories, archives, etc.

    The WWW gives me all kinds of widgets.

    The thing is I can't seem to organize them 1,2,3. Or even the foggiest where they are the the WordPress engine.

    Like I just plop widgets around one or another in the sidebar hoping for a response, but I only have primary and secondary, even then in that I don't know how to really work within the hooks I believe they're called.

    I hope that makes sense. I understand if it's mumbo jumbo and you don't. I sometimes totally get void of logic in WordPress, but I dig it. It's just LegosĀ® were a lot easier.


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