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  1. I have a related question-- and I have to say that I am likely much less familiar with code that the previous writers... I post music videos on my site each week and each is given the category 'music.' When you click on the category "music" then, for the "music" category archive, I would like to get a list of the titles that you can click on to see the video. Right now, though, all you get is a list of titles followed by the embedding code. Ugly. I think I need to shorten the extract to only the video title but I cannot figure out how to do that...

    I need to know both which file to alter and how to alter it. (The obvious files, archive and archives don't seem to include the extract length.) If you like you can go to my site and see what I mean:



    Posted 11 years ago #
  2. i think it is b/c you have the embed code as the excerpt? if so, the default mode for excerpts is to escape all code characters such that they appear as code and don't DO what they normally would. you might notice you can't get italics or bold in excepts either. there are some plugins that extend the functionality of the excerpt. the excerpt reloaded comes to mind but there are a few others.

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  3. I feel like a bozo- for some reason I never thought to look for a plug in to fix this... Duh! Anyway, the "Excerpt Reloaded" didn't work but "Smarter Excerpt" did. Thanks!


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