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Dropdown menus have stopped working

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  • Started 11 years ago by rigbypa
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  1. My menu used to have some dropdown items for subpages, but now I discover they're not showing. I can't find any way to navigate to subpages on the main site. I've tried different browsers but it seems to be the same on all.

    Any ideas how I can fix this?

    Thanks for any help, Pauline

    Posted 11 years ago #
  2. Help!! Is this a bug, or something I broke myself?

    Posted 11 years ago #
  3. @rigbypa: I think this is an issue with your style.css file (the Rainbow/child theme one)

    You'll need to change the overflow value of your #access div from hidden to visible.

    #access {

    This is because the default theme (default.css in /thematic) already has an overflow:visible value, so making it hidden effectively overrides this, and hides the extra content outside the div - in effect hiding the dropdowns.

    So you can change this to visible or alternatively, leave out the overflow:hidden value altogether in your child theme style.css.

    Posted 11 years ago #
  4. That was a simple fix, excellent. Thanks for taking time out to help me.

    Posted 11 years ago #

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