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  1. mlemsing

    Hi there,

    I have purchased Acamas and love the theme but now that my site has evolved I would like to change some of the layout and settings but am unsure how to. Any feedback or pointers on how I can change the following would be greatly appreciated:-

    * How do I edit the layout and content of the grey "featured articles" box at the top?
    * How can I change the categories of content that is displayed here?
    * In the section below where 10 titles are listed, how can I edit the number of post titles being listed as well as display an image and excerpt from the each post?
    * How can I change the categories of content that is displayed here?
    * Has anyone successfully integrated a "featured posts" carousel into this theme, if so what plugin or code were you using?

    Many thanks for your patient help.


    Posted 12 years ago #
  2. Hi Matt,

    I don't know the answer to all of these, but I think I can contribute to some of them.

    You can easily edit the layout of the Featured Article area through the robust style sheet which is very well commented and cleanly laid out. For experimenting I took Ian's advice and installed Firebug for Firefox ( This will allow you to identify the tags you need to change in the style and also experiment with styles right there on the website so you can see those changes live without actually modifying the CSS.

    To control what category you display you have to go your WP dashboard, click Design and Click Acamas Settings. This is where you define the category which will show up as a featured post. You then choose what posts belong to this category and only the posts that are a member of the featured category will display up top. So you can essentially control any and all posts showing up above the rest of the design.

    What exactly do you mean by a featured posts carousel? Do you want it to randomly refresh to another featured post on refresh for instance?

    As for the excerpt option Ian covered this really well in this thread:

    Hope this is somewhat helpful.

    Posted 12 years ago #

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