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  • Started 11 years ago by Cavallo321
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  1. I just got started using WP and love it except I am having problems. Sounding like a total newb here but I want to find out how do I add a new menu item on my navigation bar using this theme. I am trying to have about 5 links go to different categories on my site, but each tutorial I read is not directing me towards the specific answer.

    I click into the appearance -->editor then target the page template (page.php) but it does not seem I can ever find the 'about' link code to copy and paste for a new window. Am I right so far or can someone guide me a little bit with an answer or towards a good tutorial?


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  2. @Cavallo321: I believe some people use plugins, but Devin at WordPress Theming has written a more detailed post about modifying the menu in Thematic.

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  3. Each time you add a page in wordpress, it's link is added to the menu.
    I use the "Exclude Pages from Navigation widget to exclude pages from the menu that I dont want to show.

    To include a link to a "page" that wp doesnt consider a page (like posts and archives) I make a wp page anyway and then use the "page links to" widget to link the page to where I want it to go.

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  4. Haven't tested this yet with Thematic, but for child themes of 2010 I've been using this code:

    // Define New Menu
    function themenav($menu, $args) {
      $args['show_home'] = true;
      $args['exclude'] = '4';
      $args['echo'] = false;
      $args['depth'] = 1;
      $menu = wp_page_menu($args);
      $bloglink = '<li><a href="">Visit my Site</a></li>';
      $menu = str_replace( '</ul></div>', $bloglink . '</ul></div>', $menu ); 
      return $menu;

    Put all the ids you want to exclude in "exclude arguments" and then add whatever links you wish to add at the end of menu in the $bloglink variable (which you can change).

    Posted 11 years ago #

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