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My theme is blocking my html?

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  • Started 11 years ago by Joe Little
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  1. I currently created a new page titled "about".I have a mission statement I needed to use on this page so i wrote it out in HTML so I could divide it in columns and have organized lists.I have multiple problems however when I update the page.

    1.My table size is wrong and I can't seem to configure my table size to proportion of my page size.I dunno I am new to code.I thought changing the percentages in my table width would work but no luck yet.

    2.It's like my theme is taking over and jacking up my list.I tried to define my list by
    <ol type="1"> but it always comes up in letters,not numbers.
    Is it reading my theme CSS and changing to default?

    Would I change the Thematic theme or a line in the Child theme?
    Child theme I am thinking but have no clue what line to look for to do that.

    What tags would represent that type of action?
    the link is:

    You can see how jacked up it is.My letters are out of place,and they are letters not numbers,and moving my tags around has not been much help but it is guess work since I am a new coder.I have been learning at w3 schools.

    Plus I have a five year old HTML book so is my code out dated?
    I use Aptana and didn't have any errors and also cleaned up my code there.
    Thank you to any one who reads all this and can help.I really appreciate it.

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  2. I don't even know if this was the appropriate forum for the issues I was having because it was a lack of quality coding,not the theme.
    i was trying to park a school bus into a one car garage.My heading sizes and font type was WAY to huge.
    Live and learn,right?Turns out <h2> tags are a little much.Down sized and everything is working better except for the numbers but I scrapped the whole thing and went

      instead of
    Posted 11 years ago #

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