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Three column layout on all pages

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  1. Hey ya'll

    I'm trying to carry the look of the featured content page into all the pages of my site.

    The three column look of the featured content page changes to a one column layout on all other pages.

    Trying not to blow things to smithereens and looking for clues.

    Thanks in advance for any direction.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  2. smidge

    I'm a tinkerer, not a coder, so there's probably a better answer than this, but one way might be to find this bit of code in style.css

    One-column structure for archive and search pages
    .search #container,
    .archive #container {
        margin:0 auto;
    .search #content,
    .archive #content {
    .search .main-aside,
    .archive .main-aside {

    and change the widths to match the home page, the settings of which are just above that in style.css. Remove the "display:none" to get the sidebar back on search and archive pages. This is what I did, but for some reason the sidebar is still not showing on search results page, so I'm still trying to figure that out. (Help, anyone?)

    I'm sure Ian would say "it's best to do this in a variant". (Search for 'variant' in the forums and you'll see what I mean - it's pretty easy to set up.)

    Good luck.

    Posted 13 years ago #

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